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Angela Oster is a multi-media artist whose work explores narrative, humor and character driven visions. She illustrates a procession of monsters revamped as women, comfortable in their power. Her characters come from knowing human frailty, searching for immortality and the humor of the futility of it all.

Oster's drawings and small sculptures use a comic aesthetic to delve into the themes of joy, acceptance, and feminine potential. While these characters search for belonging, they also have the courage to remain outcasts and find delight in their isolation. Her scrawny vampires and wide eyed creatures are meant to evoke a vulnerability and uncertainty, yet also act as empowered alter egos.  Her characters might seem lighthearted at the surface, but they investigate the ambiguity of light and darkness.

Oster has found an unexpected joy in sharing her work at local art fairs and loves to teach children's classes. After graduating from the Cleveland Institute of Art, she began organizing numerous exhibitions featuring comic artists and has helped curate the annual DayGlo Show in Cleveland for many years. Her long career in the arts has allowed her to exhibit at galleries across the country and connect to other comic artists and collaborators.

She resides in Rocky River, Ohio with fellow artists: husband Tom Stevick and child Sylvie Stevick. 


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