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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Breakneck Gallery

17020 Madison Ave.

Lakewood, Ohio 44107

The Evil Ohio exhibition is a look at Ohio's dark side. A recent wave of boosterism seeks to point out the many positives of the state, and that's excellent, but as there can be no light without darkness, there can be no sweetness without the sinister. Ohio is one of the USA's richest states in folklore, haunted bridges and buildings, serial killers, and other dark arcana, and Evil Ohio aims to call attention to that.

The Evil Ohio exhibition intends to collect some of the finest of Ohio's artists, depicting views of what they find compellingly dark about their home state. It means to showcase the time, focus, dedication, insight and imagination put forth by the members of Ohio's creative communities.

Artists Include:
James Bulloch
Sean Burns
Ralph Walters
Frank Walls
Matthew Sweeney
Karl Berringer
Steven Anderson
Geoff May
Erin Mulligan
Jason Byers
Mikey Arnold
Steve Ehret
Sean Kelly
R!ch Cihlar
Grant Smrekar (Rustbelt Welding)
Steve Knerem
Chad Kimes
Barb Merritt
Jordan Beier
Lauren Chaikin
Ashley Riblett
Billy Ludwig
Karen Novak
Shawny Walthaw
Billy Ludwig
Angela Oster

This show is being curated by Sean Burns of Breakneck Gallery, James “The Human Furnace” Bulloch, Ron Kretsch and Martin Geramita.
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