Cincy Comicon provides boon to nerds, entrepreneurs: PHOTOS

Sep 12, 2016 CINCINNATI -- "The Cincy Comicon brought hundreds of comic book fans, artists, writers and enthusiasts to the Northern Kentucky Convention Center Sept. 9-11, but it also provided a huge platform for local entrepreneurs.

The Cincy Comicon was created in 2014 by four friends and longtime veterans of conventions with the mission of returning to the roots of a comic convention: comic books.

...Smith was also there for one of the same reasons Angela Oster, a Cleveland-based artist, was: to find an audience.

Oster is an artist and illustrator who was also debuting her first comic: "Little Vampire Girl." She had been to different art events throughout the Cleveland area and as far South as Dayton, but the Cincy Comicon was her first comic convention.

'I like to draw things that are weird and funny and cute,' she told me. 'I wanted to find people who like the same kind of weird. I wanted to find my tribe.'"


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